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Nova’s Quest for the Enchanted Chalice


Will you join Nova’s Quest?

Magic has been banished and now it is fading, soon it could be lost forever! A young boy from a small town doesn't even know magic until he stumbles upon it in all of the wrong places. Soon his journey to understanding his own magic leads him on an unexpected voyage to finding his true place in his world and the world of Happenstance.


But, there are many obstacles in the way and there are lies, betrayal and danger in his path. Will Nova be able to complete his Quest, saving the people he loves and magic too?

“Nova’s Quest is the best thing I’ve read since Harry Potter!”


Here’s what just a few Questers are already saying:

“The best fantasy book of the year! It was great to be transported to a completely different world full of rich details and adventures.”
“Two fantasy world’s in one – simply epic! I can’t wait for the sequel.”
“I have not been able to put this down since I received it. Such a well written, enticing story. It had me hooked.”

Here’s your sneak peak of "Nova’s Quest for the Enchanted Chalice"

“But, why can’t we know the stars?” he asked.

Alexander Kerr had been listening to his father’s disconnected tales for many years but had never understood why he could not know the stars. He knew he couldn’t ask anyone else but his father these sorts of questions so he pressed him as hard as he could.

Jacob, Alex’s father looked at him with a moment of clarity. His eyes darting around the smooth lines and freckles on Alex’s face, searching for something and making Alex feel uncomfortable. Jacob more often than not looked confused. His face was usually clouded, like he was a vacant shell with no inhabitant. Jacob had not always been this way. When Alex was young, too young to remember, his father and his mother had contracted the Virus and were taken to the Infirmary. His mother was never to be seen again and his father returned to raise him but with the result of the Virus, Amnesia. Alex however felt lucky as most who went to the Infirmary never returned.

“We can know the stars if we try, but not here and not now,” replied Alex’s father knowingly but with a troubling look of withdrawal. This look usually preceded his retreat from the world, the steps he took in to his shell. He removed his hand that had been stroking the side of Alex’s face, sat up straighter and looked away from Alex and out the windows at the luminescent subjects they had been discussing twinkling proudly in the night sky.

“What do you mean we try father?” pleaded Alex wanting to know more but he knew it was too late for tonight, his father was already leaving him. His father was folding in to himself and would lock away the key for hours or perhaps days, it was always hard to know how long the darkness might last.

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