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Nova’s Quest for the Enchanted Chalice is available through all major ebook and book retailers. For distribution orders please go to IngramSpark. If you’d like to share 'Nova’s Quest for the Enchanted Chalice' over social media, through your newsletter, over email or on your website or blog, please use the information below as your guide.

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50 Words 

A young boy from a small town doesn't even know magic until he stumbles upon it in all of the wrong places. Soon his journey to understanding his own magic leads him on a voyage to also saving it. But, with many obstacles in his way - will Nova be able to save the people he loves and magic too?


100 Words 

Magic has been banished and now it is fading, soon it could be lost forever!


A young boy from a small town doesn't even know magic until he stumbles upon it in all of the wrong places. Soon his journey to understanding his own magic leads him on an unexpected voyage to finding his true place in his world and the world of Happenstance.


But, there are many obstacles in the way and there are lies, betrayal and danger in his path. Will Nova be able to complete his Quest, saving the people he loves and magic too?


225 Words 

When a comet lights up the night’s sky, an ordinary boy from a small town in Dacaan begins to see that everything in his world is not as it seems. A secret that he didn’t know about himself becomes exposed and he finds himself running from the clutches of his enemies as he embarks on an adventure with his best friend to a mysterious land of magic called Happenstance. It is not long before he realizes that he has a bigger place in the world than he could have ever imagined. It is up to him to fulfil his new quest and challenge everything that he thought was good around him. But, the path is not so easy to travel and there are challenges, lies and betrayal in its wake.


Nova’s Quest for the Enchanted Chalice, is a story of a world after magic has been banished and evil resides. A powerful regime that rules Dacaan uses social media, a virus and other invisible shackles to keep its citizens in their districts as ignorant hostages. But, as Happenstance begins to vanish and magic is lost forever, it is up to its inhabitants to fight back and they know that Nova is their only hope to save their world of magic and Dacaan.



Favourite Quotes

“For the first time in thirty-eight years of the championships a contestant had successfully executed a magic performance. For the first time in thirty-eight years of the championships, a contestant had denied their win.”


“It is your true destiny. It was only a matter of time before you found it and it found you.”


“Happenstance is fading, magic is fading. Lady Luck’s prophecy is coming true, and she saw you, Nova.”


“If you say no, Nova, well then perhaps the darkness just might win for good.”


“The old ways were back in a time long before you were born, when all creatures were in tune with the world around them. You now rely so heavily on sight, taste, touch, sound, and smell, but there are more than just those five senses. You are capable of so much more.”


“I’ve been writing your story as you’ve grown, Nova. We are just getting to your quest, and I believe it should be a fantastic one.”


“A book can allow a reader to do nothing or to do everything.”


“Of course I frighten you. I am the monster in your dreams, I am the monster in your non-dreams.”


“It is important to know that books are always riddled with intent and perception. It is up to the reader to come up with their own conclusions. But sometimes the words on a page can evoke thoughts and even actions in the reader. Reading can cause change, that is where the power lies.”


“You must give magic to receive magic.”


“I’m no hero, I’m just doing what has to be done.”


“It is time for the mighty Regime of Dacaan to fall. And we will gladly start by destroying you.”


“Open your eyes, see the truth, stand up.”


“Don’t underestimate the power of the resistance. We have fire in our blood, and we have many on our side.”


“Don’t all good leaders have their forbidden secret weapons?”

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