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“The best fantasy book of the year! It was great to be transported to a completely different world full of rich details and adventures.”
“Nova’s Quest is the best thing I’ve read since Harry Potter!”
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Immerse yourself in Nova’s story full of adventure, magic and more…

When a comet lights up the night’s sky, an ordinary boy from a small town in Dacaan begins to see that everything in his world is not as it seems. A secret that he didn’t know about himself becomes exposed and he finds himself running from the clutches of his enemies as he embarks on an adventure with his best friend to a mysterious land of magic called Happenstance. It is not long before he realizes that he has a bigger place in the world than he could have ever imagined. It is up to him to fulfil his new quest and challenge everything that he thought was good around him. But, the path is not so easy to travel and there are challenges, lies and betrayal in its wake.


Nova’s Quest for the Enchanted Chalice, is a story of a world after magic has been banished and evil resides. A powerful regime that rules Dacaan uses social media, a virus and other invisible shackles to keep its citizens in their districts as ignorant hostages. But, as Happenstance begins to vanish and magic is lost forever, it is up to its inhabitants to fight back and they know that Nova is their only hope to save their world of magic and Dacaan.

WIN a signed copy of the sequel “Nova’s Quest for the Spellbound Elixir

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“Incredible! I absolutely devoured this novel!”
“Two fantasy world’s in one – simply epic! I can’t wait for the sequel.”
“I have not been able to put this down since I received it. Such a well written, enticing story. It had me hooked.”
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